Committees & Volunteers
The community is vibrant and active because of the volunteers on our  committees.  

Stone Creek Cove is known for the volunteer spirit of its residents. In Stone Creek Cove, volunteers have saved the development thousands of dollars over the years by providing those services that upgrade the quality of the amenities while giving residents the loyalty, enthusiasm, and devotion of working together for the good of all.

There is no requirement to volunteer, it just seems to come naturally to Stone Creek Cove residents to give back in some form or another. As residents pick and choose their favorite activities or charities, it ends up covering most areas of need.

To join any of our committees please contact the chair for the committee you are interested in.

Architectural  - Alton Spurlock - 706-331-0831

By-Laws - Judy Stevanovich - 864-226-2222

Finance - Jean Maher - 864-365-4036

Future Planning Committee - Joe Pizzemento - 518-321-8415

Grounds - Maria Kreske 864-642-9395

Golf Course - Caroll Crooks - 864-261-3015

Golf Tournament - Chuck Reed - 864-224-9368

Pool - Wendy Reed - 864-224-9368


Waste Water - Bob Vollrath - 864-261-8834

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